Leonid F. BURLACHUK was born in Russia, Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg), January 1, 1947. He studied philosophy at the University of Leningrad and at the University of Kiev (now Shevchenko National University). He completed his education in 1970 and received an M.A. in Philosophy.

From the early years of his education he had a persistent interest in psychology; he attended lectures of famous psychologists 'of the Leningrad and Kiev Universities. When he graduated from Kiev University he received a proposal to work at the University as a lecturer on the Psychology Department.

Beyond his lecture activity he is engaged in research in clinical psychology.
He received his Ph.D. (psychology) in 1975 at the Leningrad Scientific Research Psychoneurological Institute, named after V.M. Bekhterev.
His dissertation dealt with the study of people with epileptic and schizophrenic disorders by means of the Rorschach technique. He worked subsequently as an assistant professor at the Kiev University.
He defended his doctoral dissertation (Dr. Sc.) on problems of psychological diagnostics at Kiev University in 1991 and received his professor ship in' 1992.

From 1991 to 1992 he was the chief of Social and Pedagogical Psychology Department at Kiev University. Then he was an initiator in 1992 of the Psychodiagnostics and Medical Psychology Department; he is the chief of this Department to this day.

At the same time he carries on the scientific guidance of the research group on psychodiagnostics problems at the Scientific Research Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (since 1991).

In 1991 he became the Head of the Scientific Council of Kiev University; the Council has the right to confer scientific degrees in psychological sciences.

L. F. BURLACHUK was elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine in September 1992. As a Member of the Academy he leads Psychodiagnostics research in that country. Since 1993 he is Member (Academician) of the International Academy of Acmeological Sciences (Russia).

He is a member of Editorial Council of the journal "Psychosomatic Medicine"
He is member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Since 1995, he is member of the International Committee of the journal "Psychologie Clinique et Projective" published by the "Societe du Rorschach et des methodes projectives de langue francaise" (Paris).
All psychological journals issued on Ukraine have in structure of Editorial Councils name of Prof. BURLACHUK. His fields of scientific interest are psychodiagnostics, personality psychology, and clinical psychology.

He is the author of more than 140 printed works in these areas of psychological science. He directs a number of Ukraine scientific research projects in the spheres of educational, medical and military psychology.
In 1996-2000 he was the coordinator from the Ukrainian party of TEMPUS-TACIS Project, which basic task was development of the educational programs and textbooks on clinical psychology.
As a result of this work in Shevchenko University the preparation of the students on a specialty "clinical psychology" was begun.

Today Prof. BURLACHUK supervises over the Ukrainian group of the scientists, which work on the INTAS Project, devoted to ethical problems in medicine.
Prof. BURLACHUK participated in numerous national and international conferences on problems of psychology.
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